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Breakwater survey 3D model SEABIM

Breakwater control - SEABIM

Concrete Armour Units breakwater Scan to BIM from a high resolution survey point cloud to assist with block placement during construction and asset management. More info on our dedicated website: 

Multibeam bathymetry Indian Ocean wreck


Multibeam sonar survey - bathymetry and backscatter sediment map for coastal structures (breakwaters, quays), dredging and coastal projects (ocean outfall, mooring, environmental study)

Inshore USV singlebeam single and bi-frequency survey

Subsea photogrammetry 3D modeling (coral reefs, coastal structures) 

subsea ROV inspection Indian Ocean

Subsea ROV inspection

Use of performing vectorized ROV for subsea inspection adapted to nearshore works – intervention depth 0-150 m

Shark protection net Reunion

Nearshore infrastructures design

Design of ecological moorings and shark proection bathing nets 

Geophysical survey Indian Ocean

Maritime project consultancy

Consulting engineering on nearshore construction projects, works assistance, client representation


Warehouse Reunion

Mobilisable capacities

Survey vessel 

Warehouse 400m2 in Le Port – Reunion 

USV singlebeam bathymetry Indian Ocean
Multibeam bathymetry survey breakwater


Mutlibeam bathymetric spread : multibeam spread R2SONIC 2022 with INS SBG Navsight Ekinox, SVP Valeport Swift, Trimble RTK base station

Sinblebeam bathymetric spread : 3 USV with single 400khz and bi-frequency 200/30khz echosounder, IMU and RTK GNSS 

Subsea inspection spread: 2 ROV BlueROV2 300m depth rated with active stabilization, subsea positionning, 360° HD camera, manipulating arm and altimeter

Acquisition and computing software on computing stations: Qinsy/Qimera, Fledermaus geocoder FMGT, EIVA Navisuite, PDS 2000, Global mapper, Qgis, Metashape, Solidworks, SEABIM Editor

Other equipment: DJI UAV, 3D printer

ROV survey Indian Ocean

Our team

Our team is composed of:

  • IHO certified hydrographic surveyors

  • Maritime interdisciplinary engineers

  • ROV pilots

  • HSE scuba divers

  • Software developers

Maritime works Indian Ocean
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