Breakwater control - SEABIM

Concrete armour units seawall reconstruction from bathymetry and videos to identify laying anomalies and through time structural controls

Subsea ROV inspection

Use of performing vectorized ROV for subsea inspection adapted to nearhsore works – intervention depth 0-200 m 

Oceanographic data acquisition and analysis

Oceanographic data acquisition and analysis 

Subsea photogrammetry 3D modeling, bathymetric survey, 

ADCP current profiling, autonomous marine data buoys 

Nearshore infrastructures design

Coastal and port infrastructures design, static and dynamic FEM analysis of pipelines and moorings, bathing nets design

Maritime project consultancy

Consulting engineering on nearshore construction projects, design office and works field monitoring, client representation  


Mobilisable capacities

Professional inflatable boats 

Survey vessel 

Diving support vessel 

Flatbed truck 

Floating pontoon

Warehouse 400m2 in Le Port – Reunion 


2 ROV 300m depth rated with active stabilization, subsea positionning, 360° HD camera, manipulating arm and altimeter

Oceanographic instrumentation : ADCP current profilers, instrumented marine buoys, acoustic camera and 360° mechanical sonar, HD subsea camera with live video feed, CTD sensor 

Bathymetric spreads : multibeam spread NORBIT ICWMBS and singlebeam Tritech PA500, with SBG IMU and RTK differential Leica GPS 

Acquisition and computing software on multi-node computing stations : EIVA Navisuite, Fledermaus, Global mapper, Solidworks, Matlab, Diodore, Deeplines

Our team

Our team is composed of maritime interdisciplinary engineers, HSE scuba divers, software developers, hydrographs and ROV pilots. HSE surface supplied top-up divers can also be mobilized for specific needs. 

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